Actifit Nutrition Founder’s Bio

Owners Nick Bender and Francis Reiter have been friends since they were kids. They met freshman year in high school during track and field tryouts, both being adventure seekers, they tried out for the pole vault. Constantly pushing each other, they quickly became a dominant team garnering up school records and became the top two athletes in the area for their event. Their friendship grew and after high school Nick found his calling in Business and Francis decided he wanted to serve Our Country.

Nick’s business career began as any good entrepreneur should; he landed a door to door sales job selling AT&T internet services. He quickly became the number one rep for them in the entire nation setting sales records. After hitting a ceiling there becoming a sales manager of over 40 people, he went into the world of insurance to be his own boss. After a few years, working long hours took its toll and Nick found himself out of shape and unhappy with his self-image. It was at this point his father introduced him to CrossFit and Nick became hungry to learn more about how to be as fit as he could be. He and Francis, still close friends began working out together and training together just like they did high school.

Francis spent four years in the United States Army and worked his way up to the rank of sergeant with Alpha Company 2-22 of the 10th Mountain Division including a nine month deployment to Afghanistan. While serving in the United States Army Francis discovered he had a love for lifting weights. As he worked his way up the ranks of the Army he became a great leader. Francis began to experiment with almost every legal pre-workout and post-workout supplement that was on the market but never found one that truly gave him optimal results. After getting out of the Army Francis continued his education in physiology. His studies led him to realize why the products on the market just never really worked and what deficiencies he could fix, not only for him, but for everyone.

Training together Nick and Francis were able to discuss major problems with supplements they were taking and began to brainstorm ways to make it better. After few years back together training, the idea that is now ActiFit Nutrition was born. With Nick now prominent in the business world and Francis a NASM certified personal trainer, the sky is the limit for ActiFit Nutrition and we can’t wait to bring everyone along for the ride

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